KIS Human Resources™

KIS Human Resources™ is a highly configurable system that facilitates tracking, managing, and reporting employee and dependant information eliminating the need for employee related spreadsheets, databases, and manual systems.

Meeting Your Specific HR Requirements

KIS Human Resources™ is configured to your specific HR requirements from an extensive foundation of existing HR functionality. User defined fields can be added in a simple point and click manner.

KIS Human Resources™ is designed to track and manage all employee and dependent information from the moment an employee is first hired.

An unlimited amount of information can be stored for each employee.

Examples of the type of employee information that can be tracked in KIS Human Resources™ include: benefit, personal, dependent, position, department, compensation history, education, skills, job history, certifications, LTD, qualifications, training, AD&D, dental, medical, health and safety, grievances, raises, promotions, probation, bonuses, reviews, loans, leaves, awards, equipment and property assignments.

Date and event reminders (e.g. benefit start and end dates, training and renewal dates, etc.) are easily accommodated.

Comprehensive Reporting Options

Three reporting options are available: standard reports, a grid based "point and click" style report writer, and a powerful, fully integrated custom report writer. All fields (pre-defined and user defined) are available for all three reporting options.

An unlimited number of client specific, custom reports can be created via the fully integrated Report Writer.

Reporting periods are calendar, fiscal, and user definable.

Reports can be printed, previewed, exported (e.g. to Microsoft Excel®) or saved in PDF format.

User Interface

KIS Human Resources™'s user interface is developed to the latest Microsoft Windows® specifications and is modeled after Microsoft Office® products. The user interface stresses ease of use and user efficiency.


All KIS products are designed to utilize your existing computing infrastructure while offering tight integration with your existing payroll, accounting, time and attendance, and productivity (e.g. Microsoft Office®) applications.

Client Services

Best practices, results driven client services are tailored to each client's specific requirements. Services include consulting, implementation, data conversion, training, and support. All services can be delivered at your offices, our offices, or remotely via the internet/telephone/e-mail.

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