KIS Payroll™

KIS Payroll™ is a powerful, highly configurable system that offers you unsurpassed flexibility, performance, scalability, and cost effectiveness in calculating and reporting payrolls - all without the implementation pain and steep learning curve of other payroll systems.

Meeting Your Specific Payroll Requirements

KIS Payroll™ is a highly configurable system with hundreds of standard calculations and reports plus the flexibility to configure an unlimited number of additional, client specific calculations and reports.

Powerful Calculation Engine

KIS Payroll™ will do all your employee payroll calculations including all earnings, benefits, deductions, taxes, employee entitlements, absences, and accruals.

This powerful calculation capability eliminates the need for off-line spreadsheet and manual calculations. Several hundred standard calculations exist as a starting point for clients.

All calculations are completely user definable (including employee and employer portions) via an advanced formula based Calculation Engine. No limits exist on the number or types of calculations.

KIS Payroll™ will do all your payroll calculations - guaranteed!

Sophisticated, Insightful Reporting

No employee pay information (from the original time card detail through to the General Ledger transactions) is ever summarized (into period buckets) or dropped.

All fields within KIS Payroll™ are available for inclusion in reports. Calendar, fiscal, and user defined reporting periods are easily supported, as are detailed Labour Costing reports.

Three reporting options are available: standard reports, a grid based "point and click" style report writer, and a powerful, fully integrated custom report writer. There are more than 100 standard reports (more than 400 standard reports when sorting and filtering options are utilized).

An unlimited number of client specific, custom reports can be created via the fully integrated Report Writer.

Reports can be printed, previewed, exported (e.g. to Microsoft Excel®) or saved in PDF format.

Cheque Printing and Direct Deposit

Employee payments can be cheque and/or direct deposit. Cheque layout and design is completely user definable. The Direct Deposit module supports all Canadian banks, various credit unions, and the Canadian Payments Association standard.

An employee can have an unlimited number of direct deposit accounts. Multiple employee payments (direct deposit and/or cheque) can be issued in the same pay period.

Employee pay vouchers/stubs can be automatically e-mailed to employees.

Compliance Reporting

KIS Payroll™ manages all aspects of producing T4, T4A, NR4, RL-1, RL-2, ROE, Canada Savings Bond, and Receiver General reports. Electronic filing is provided for T4s, T4As, NR4s, RL-1s, RL-2s, ROEs, and Canada Savings Bonds. Additional compliance related reporting such as PIER, Worker's Compensation, and Union are also easily accommodated.

User Interface

KIS Payroll™'s user interface is developed to the latest Microsoft Windows® specifications and is modeled after Microsoft Office® products. The user interface stresses ease of use and user efficiency.


A series of security options work in unison to ensure all payroll data is secure and protected. Security options include a six level, role based password system, an Event Log which records "who did what when", and sophisticated data encryption.


All KIS products are designed to utilize your existing computing infrastructure while offering tight integration with your existing accounting, time and attendance, human resources, and productivity (e.g. Microsoft Office®) applications.

Client Services

Best practices, results driven client services are tailored to each client's specific requirements. Services include consulting, implementation, data conversion, training, and support. All services can be delivered at your offices, our offices, or remotely utilizing a combination of telephone, fax, e-mail and the internet.

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