Payroll and Human Resources Solutions

We provide payroll and human resources software to some of Canada's leading companies and organizations.

Complete, proven payroll and human resources (HR) solutions that generate meaningful, measurable improvements by making payroll and HR activities more efficient, reducing costs and delivering timely, sophisticated reporting options for management and employees.

Fully Integrated Software Suite

KIS Payroll™, KIS Human Resources™, and KIS Time & Attendance™ can be used as stand-alone modules or as a complete, fully integrated solution.

Key features include:

The net result is a highly tailored, robust solution that helps payroll and HR administrators deliver outstanding results for management and employees in a cost effective manner.

KIS Payroll™

KIS Payroll™ is proven payroll software designed to do all your payroll calculations and reports.

Developed in Canada, KIS Payroll™ has a powerful Calculation Engine, hundreds of standard calculations, and the ability to configure an unlimited number of client specific calculations. This calculation power eliminates the need for time consuming, error prone off-line spreadsheet and manual calculations.

KIS Payroll™ also offers three comprehensive reporting options. There are more than 100 standard reports, a "point and click" based report writer and a sophisticated, tightly integrated, custom report writer designed for the most challenging payroll reports.

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KIS Human Resources™

Software configurable to your specific HR requirements, KIS Human Resources™ eliminates the need for spreadsheets, databases, and manual systems. KIS Human Resources™ will help you track, manage, and report employee and dependant information from the moment an employee is first hired.

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KIS Time & Attendance™

KIS Time & Attendance™ is designed to help manage employee attendance, absences, and entitlements.

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